Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a deliciously exquisite island nation located in the lesser Antilles. Bathed in shimmering Caribbean waters, which imbue St Lucia in a characteristically laid-back atmosphere, the island also borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to white sandy beaches and sky-high volcanoes that rise up out of the ground and stand tall over the landscape. Once a European colony, the now sovereign nation of Saint Lucia is a popular cruise ship destination for tourists who seek both relaxation and adventure.

The Island

Saint Lucia is one of over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, so what exactly makes it stand out? Although the island wears its beauty and uniqueness with modesty, Saint Lucia bears no shortage whatsoever of natural and cultural wonders. From the fantastically photogenic Piton volcanoes and the perfectly utopian Sandy Beach in the south to the Pigeon Island National Landmark in the north, there is so much to see and do on this small island. As the perfect destination for travelers and tourists that share a variety of interests, Saint Lucia caters to holidaymakers with all sorts of hobbies and pursuits. Scuba diving, hiking, going to adventure parks, joining guided tours, taking catamaran cruises or simply enjoying a cool refresher on the beach are only some of the activities you can do here. Cruise ships regularly dock at the island's ports for brief stop-overs, giving tourists a chance to hop off onto dry land and enjoy some of Saint Lucia's wonders on the go. Drenched in sweet music, rhythmic flavor and abundant color, the island's annual summer event, St Lucia Carnival, is a street parade of bright feathers and revealing costumes. For the rest of the year, the island still retains its summery vibes and remains a popular and enticing destination day in, day out. The year 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Saint Lucia's independence from Britain, making it one of the 13 sovereign nations of the Caribbean. Before it became a nation in its own right, however, Saint Lucia was discovered by the Europeans in the 16th century, after which it was colonized by both the French and the British. Of course, the island was already populated before that, dating back to 200 AD, when it was settled by Arawak Indians. By 800 AD however, the Caribs had taken the Arawaks' place.


The island of Saint Lucia is an attraction in itself, but if you want to make the most of your stay here, take a quick look at the major events that are on every year in this small country.

Do & See

Having arrived at the port and jumped off the ferry, you are now ready to go and explore. In Saint Lucia there is a plethora of attractive sites to see and adventures to embark on across the length and breadth of the island. Read on and find out about some of the most interesting plans this breathtaking place has to offer.


Saint Lucia's food scene is not only about the tasty meals, but also about the setting. In this Caribbean island of natural splendour, you can find some of the most unique outdoor spots for eating out. On the one hand, much of the appeal of the island's food scene is down to the popular homemade eateries set up on the white sand of tranquil beaches where you can try delicious Rotis and other local delicacies. On the other, there are some truly luxurious restaurants where you can feel like you're in paradise for the evening.


Take a break from your tight sightseeing schedule on the island. Sit back, enjoy a nibble and a little something to drink. You deserve a breather at one of the island's best spots to sip on a cup of coffee, munch away at a tasty savoury snack, or slurp on a sweet tropical fruit smoothie.

Bars & Nightlife

While Saint Lucia isn't particularly well-known for its nightlife, there are a few spots where come the right time of day, locals and tourists get together to dance the night away.


While Saint Lucia may not be the top travel destination for shoppers in search of luxury fashion brands or high street discounts, there are certainly a number of places to keep your eyes peeled for in terms of charming souvenirs and local products.

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